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Are you interested in joining the BACU Board of Directors?

As a Director of the credit union, you are involved in numerous aspects of credit union planning. You attend regular meetings and play an integral part in ensuring the longevity and success of our credit union. You ensure a high level of governance and establish our strategic objectives while planning for the future. Sub-committees allow for the expertise of specialized professionals to offer their advice and guidance that will ultimately better our credit union.

Details of being a Belgian-Alliance Credit Union Director can be found in our Director Candidate and Board of Directors' Orientation Information Guide.

If you or someone you know is interested in running for the Board, we encourage you to contact us. If the upcoming election year will not allow you to run for election, however you are interested in running for election in future years, we encourage you to let us know and we will keep your name on file for the future. You can make a difference for your credit union! Contact us via our Nominations Email or contact our CEO, Martin Trudeau via email or by phone at (204) 927-0482 for more information.

We're on Board. Are you?

Your Board of Directors 2021/2022

Congratulations to the successful candidates of the Director Elections;
Tom Daeninck, Joanne Mercier and Ron Wersch

Term Expiry
Remi Brengman, Chair 2023
John Vandewater, Vice-Chair 2022
Joanne Mercier, Corporate Secretary 2024
Bohdana Bashuk 2022
Tom Daeninck 2024
Ian Dunne 2023
Marc Lemoine 2022
Rachelle Needham 2023
Ron Wersch 2024