About Us

Our History

Belgian-Alliance Credit Union lays claim to a proud tradition of dedicated member service and trust by virtue of its presence in the Manitoba Credit Union landscape over several decades. While our Credit Union continues to evolve with respect to changes in product lines, service channels and new technologies, our roots go back to the very beginnings of the Credit Union movement in our province.

The following chronology outlines key historical events and highlights our founding credit unions that have formed the Belgian-Alliance Credit Union of today.

February 1939

A new financial cooperative, Belgian Sacred Hearts Society, is founded by Reverend Father Damas-Van Dyck on February 17th to serve the financial needs of local parishioners. In 1949, the bond of association is expanded to include all peoples of Belgian or Dutch origin. The membership bond is further broadened from time to time until, in 1970, when it is opened up to all Manitobans. This entity subsequently changes its name to Belgian Credit Union in 1974. In the same year, the operation is moved to a new building location at 387 Provencher Boulevard.

May 1943

The Amalgamated Civil Servants of Canada (Winnipeg) Credit Union Society Limited (A.C.S. of C.) is incorporated to serve the financial needs of Federal Government employees and their immediate families working at Deer Lodge Hospital. This entity later becomes Adanac Credit Union. Much of the original Credit Union's business is transacted from within the Deer Lodge Hospital building itself.

April 1950

A dedicated group of individuals incorporated Vera Credit Union Limited on April 25th. The Credit Union is formed to meet the financial needs of Ukrainian-Canadians and their families living in the north end of Winnipeg. The literal translation of the word "Vera" means to have "belief" or "faith" (in the Credit Union movement and its ideals). Vera Credit Union is one of the two predecessors to Progress-Vera Credit Union.

August 1955

A group of employees at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation decide to form an employee-based Credit Union and, on August 26th, the CBC Winnipeg Employees Credit Union Limited is incorporated. This entity will later become Communicators Credit Union. Initially the Credit Union is located within the CBC building on Portage Avenue. It later moves to the Spence Street side of the building to allow for a separate entrance for its members and, in 1994, it is moved to 1-312 Balmoral Street.

March 1958

A group of dedicated individuals brings Progress Credit Union into existence. In 1981, an amalgamation between Progress Credit Union and Vera Credit Union takes place, forming the new Progress-Vera Credit Union.

January 2001

Adanac, Communicators and Progress-Vera Credit Unions merge to form the newly founded Alliance Credit Union Ltd. and membership is opened to all. In February of 2001, the Progress-Vera branch is moved from 627 Selkirk Avenue to its current location at 101-930 Jefferson Avenue in the Maples.

January 2008

Belgian Credit Union and Alliance Credit Union merge to form the new Belgian-Alliance Credit Union; thereby bringing a stronger, unified Credit Union operation into existence, one that is better poised to serve its members into the future.


Belgian-Alliance Credit Union is pleased to continue in the spirit of quality member service adhered to by each of the former Credit Unions for over 85 years. We are old friends with a fresh, new approach to the business of Credit.