Online Banking

BACU Internet Banking—banking wherever and whenever you want with internet access FREE OF CHARGE!

Security – BACU’s internet banking system uses 128 bit encryption to safeguard and protect the security and integrity of your account information and bill payment activity.

Freedom – You can do your banking and bill payments when it is most convenient for YOU.

Flexibility – You can access your account from home, work or anywhere else you can access the Internet…a great option wherever you are!  BACU Internet banking offers a wide range of banking services.  You can do virtually all of your banking via the internet.

  • Review months of transaction activity on your chequing, savings, loan, mortgage, and line of credit accounts
  • Sort transaction activity by date
  • Make bill payments to hundreds of vendors.  You can process multiple payments in one request, set up recurring payments, and post date your bill payments
  • Download your account activity to Quickbooks, Quicken, Microsoft Money or a PDF format
  • Transfer funds between your accounts, quickly and easily

If you would like more information on just how easy it is to set up an online account, please contact us your nearest branch for assistance!

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